Woodgrain Wonderland: where we’re at

Hi everybody. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and readership over the past year. The blog’s audience has grown steadily and I’m pleased that I’ve been able to make it halfway through the alphabet of Atari 2600 titles. I’ve been getting a lot more correspondence lately so I just want to remind people that if you want to make your comments made public, be sure to leave it as a comment at the end of the entry. If you click “contact” and send me an e-mail, I will treat it as private correspondence and will not post it online. I will always try to answer, however.

You might see fewer entries over the next couple of weeks. I am going in for major surgery later this week and will be in the hospital for most of the week thereafter. As soon as I’m relatively healthy, however, I plan to up my game. I want to develop an official game review policy, including what I will review, which games get a letter grade and which do not, and basically anything that will prevent me from painting myself into a corner. I didn’t have any kind of policy when I started this blog but over the past year I discovered that this reviewing game can get complicated without a guiding document. Prototypes are particularly problematic — is it fair to judge an unfinished prototype on the same level as a commercial release? How do I tell if it’s unfinished? I’ve hinted at unofficial policies I’ve developed over time but it’s time to write these up and make them official.

I also hope to go back and update older entries with reviews of games I’ve missed, particularly homebrews and prototypes. I did not have a master list of Atari 2600 games when I first started out and instead was using a variety of sources. I’ve settled on the AtariAge Rarities Guide and will attempt to review every game on that list that I can get hold of. It’s not comprehensive (new homebrews are being released all the time) but it seems to me it’s as complete a list of 2600 titles you can find on the Internet.

I appreciate your continued readership. I’m happy to be part of the online Atari community and look forward to many years of interacting with the lot of you. Have a great week and be sure to play Atari today!

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